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Interfaith Kirklees

Interfaith Kirklees – an educational project bringing together the faith communities of Kirklees.

This exciting project offers opportunities for pupils to engage in active learning to discover something of the different living faiths in Kirklees. It supports the duty on schools to promote community cohesion.

Interfaith Kirklees is housed in seven Faith Centres, each in a local place of worship: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh. Children visit the Faith Centres and learn about and from religion.

Interfaith Kirklees awarded Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge

Quality Badge Interfaith Kirklees have been successful in their application for the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.QualityBadge

Learning Outside the Classroom
Whether their purpose is religious education, history, geography, art or citizenship education, visits to sacred spaces provide an exciting and powerful stimulus for learning, a sensory experience involving sights, sounds, smells, touch, and even on some visits, tastes.